Day 31 – So long

Day 31 – So long … there were days where this slicing felt so long.  I remember day 1, and it seemed like 31 days was going to be forever.  The mornings or afternoons where I struggled finding something to write about and my fingers sat on my keyboard lightly tapping the letters as if I were typing but it was more of my fingers just moving and tapping to make a light sound until I could think of something to put on the screen.  But as long as it seemed, it wasn’t nearly as long as that 28 day month of February where I had no slicing to do. In fact, March flew by! A few days ago it was just March 1st and now I’m standing on the edge looking into April. And just like that, this ritual or routine that at first seemed so daunting and impossible, worked its way into my life and became a routine that wasn’t so dreadful anymore, instead was a part of my day.  My visitor and I were developing a mutual comfort, it began to feel welcome and I allowed it to hang around and even use my computer. But now, it is time to say goodbye and part ways. Here I sit at my keyboard on March 31st at 6:49 a.m. and the time has come for me to gently open the door and wave … until next year … so long.


Day 30 – Unwelcome guest

Day 30 – Unwelcome guest … I figured by now they’d get the hint, time to go, bye bye, you’ve been hanging out here long enough, but NOoooo, not even an inkling of, “I’ve overstayed my limit.”  Nope, instead, these boarders just continue to hang around, and literally, I mean that. I glance up at the white crown moulding that’s interrupted by a very dark small, but yet large, shield shaped object.  This house guest that just doesn’t seem to want to leave, better known as the stink bug either keeps coming back for more or continues to invite family and friends to come for a visit. For a while, a very long while, I would scoop them up in a kleenex and throw them outside.  I know, I sound like a tree hugging bug saver but actually, I got a slight smile when I would send them off into the cold because why would they hang around here if they liked the cold? Sometimes, when they actually realize they have wings, and they kind of know how to use them, I’ll catch one buzzing around slow and low, almost at eye level, kind of like a drone (a slow one) on a mission.  And that mission, to land on my shoulder or in my hair. Thank goodness they don’t have eight legs because then I would be out in the snow or rain and score one for them. But since they are just a harmless stink bug, and even the stink part is way over exaggerated by its name, no fear here, scoop them up and throw them outside. Done! Until the next one appears, but please … no more … go home … and no, this is not your home … do you hear me? … at this point you are merely a very … unwelcome guest.

Day 29 – Thank You

Day 29 – Thank You … spring, for bringing sunshine and warm weather yesterday.  Even if for a day, I got to put away my winter coat and left my gloves behind and reveled in the warmth as the sun hit my face and the wind carried a warm, soft breeze that was a huge welcome from the winds of the past that carried the cold, frigid air. My dog and I walked for at least an hour and he still wanted more and so did I.  Yesterday was the best treat yet that spring break had to deliver.

And the sun is shining this morning and I am hopeful that today will offer up the kind of treat that yesterday did.  It’s amazing what some sunshine and a warm breeze can do. It brings smiles, happy thoughts, and the knowledge that the cold and gray is truly on its way out.  This leaves me with two final words … Thank You.

Day 28 – No Thanks

Day 28 – No Thanks … I admit, I occasionally watch the reality show Naked and Afraid.  Two contestants, one man and one woman are sent to some remote place that has extremely challenging survival conditions.  Each can bring one survival tool. They have no food, water or clothing. If you have never seen the show you might think the food or water is the greatest challenge but it is the no clothing that truly is the toughest part of it all.  In hot climates, it’s a constant battle of sunburn and insects, and there is no protection from either, especially the insects. Sometimes at night, the temperatures drop quite low and the contestants struggle with staying warm. Last night I watched in amazement, the contestants, two veterans to the show, were given a 14 day ultimate challenge, they were dropped off in a far northern area of Alaska with a survival tool of choice plus a fire starter and one large animal skin with fur.  More than anything, I hate being cold. I never complain on the hot, humid summer days because to me it’s far better than the bone-chilling wintery weather. I watched in amazement as the contestants trudged barefoot thru snow, waded waist deep in a small lake to try and catch trout and huddled together under an animal skin at night as they shivered and shrieked because of the frigidness of the night air. They did it, they survived this ultimate challenge, I’m not sure how. Hopefully each goes home without any damage to their skin or body from this extremely cold environment.  If someone were to give me the ultimate torture, this would be it. I could not withstand one hour of being freezing cold without protection from the elements, let alone 14 DAYS!!! … No Thanks!

Day 27 – Tech Lazy … my interest level in technology lies somewhere between 0 and 1.  I try to get interested but so far the technology spark, if I even have one, has not yet ignited.  Funny thing, about a year ago I contemplated taking courses to get a technology endorsement. I thought it might push me to become more tech savvy, sadly, I couldn’t get past the orientation for this online program, so that was the end of that pursuit.  My husband and son were traveling abroad for my son’s spring break and there were many conversations about how we would communicate for that week. This pushed me to finally get a deeper grip on the terms wifi and data. It’s been easier to not totally understand these concepts than to actually ask some questions and research.  Finally, I did dive in, google searched, and for a day or two felt like a better person that knew something that the rest of the population has known for years. Sadly, ask me right now about data and wifi and it’s again all blurred together in the land of stuff that I can’t see, zipping around in airspace filled with antennas, towers and satellites.  Ask anyone that knows me, and I guarantee they will tell you I have the oldest and most outdated iphone of anyone they know. My storage is way overfilled and I have to delete stuff to take pictures. Yesterday, the weather app stopped working. My family has been begging me to get a new phone for years, but to do that I have to think tech, shop tech, and learn how to use new technology,   It’s all so uninteresting, boring, dry, dull … I can still text and call and retrieve emails … am I proud, NO, but do I really care, NO, it’s just me … accept it or not, but you can call me … tech lazy.

Day 26 – creatures of habit

Day 26 – Creatures of Habit … it’s funny how we are all such creatures of habit.  The Monday night fitness class, 7:00, but most get there closer to 6:50, me included; and why?  So we can each claim our tiny little patch of the wooden gym floor. I feel kind of sorry (not really) for newcomers, especially when they plop down their mat and step and medicine ball, etc. having no idea that there are quiet glares surrounding them; people watching and knowing that this spot actually ‘belongs’ to one of the regulars.  And should any of us arrive a few minutes after 6:50 to learn we have been aced out by someone new, it changes the whole course of the workout, having to set up shop on a different patch of the gym floor. And then there’s always the person that has to be directly up front, pretty much blocking everyone’s view of the fitness instructor. So much for the physically hard but mentally relaxed workout because now the brain is working as hard as the body.  The body is constantly trying to rid the brain of the angst the positioning of this ‘blocking the view’ person is causing instead of just releasing the stress and anxiety that has built up over the course of the day. Last night I did get my spot, but my space will a little crowded by someone that should have known better. Must be that it’s spring break, I’m feeling kind of chilled, the crowding didn’t bother me (quite so much) and the person ‘that likes to be directly front and center and blocking the view of the instructor’ also didn’t bother me quite so much.  But yes I did arrive at 6:50 and I did claim my regular spot on the floor … and yes, I admit, I am one of those creatures of habit.

Day 25 – so for today, this is all I got!

Day 25

So for today, this is all I got! If there’s a day where I don’t feel like doing this, it’s today.  I can’t think of anything to write about and I don’t feel like sitting here thinking about something to write about.  And if I try to come up with some small moment, slice of life, from yesterday, I know I’ll be sitting here for a way too long amount of time because right now I’m just not feeling it.  I could come back to it later but then I might be repeating what a favorite coworker of mine did a day or two ago, forget to do it! … and if I do that, I won’t have the luxury of writing such a clever comeback because that’s what she did and now those witty words of hers are in my, ‘too old, forgetful head,’ or something to that effect as this coworker so eloquently included in her yesterday’s post.  Currently my mind is racing with thoughts about what I want to accomplish today and it’s not this. Well that’s a lie because, yes I do want to get something posted, it’s just that I don’t want to spend any time at all doing it today. So I guess one of my many missions for today will be to come up with something fantastic to blog about tomorrow to make up for my mindless, dumb post for today. So for today, this is all I got!