Day 26 – creatures of habit

Day 26 – Creatures of Habit … it’s funny how we are all such creatures of habit.  The Monday night fitness class, 7:00, but most get there closer to 6:50, me included; and why?  So we can each claim our tiny little patch of the wooden gym floor. I feel kind of sorry (not really) for newcomers, especially when they plop down their mat and step and medicine ball, etc. having no idea that there are quiet glares surrounding them; people watching and knowing that this spot actually ‘belongs’ to one of the regulars.  And should any of us arrive a few minutes after 6:50 to learn we have been aced out by someone new, it changes the whole course of the workout, having to set up shop on a different patch of the gym floor. And then there’s always the person that has to be directly up front, pretty much blocking everyone’s view of the fitness instructor. So much for the physically hard but mentally relaxed workout because now the brain is working as hard as the body.  The body is constantly trying to rid the brain of the angst the positioning of this ‘blocking the view’ person is causing instead of just releasing the stress and anxiety that has built up over the course of the day. Last night I did get my spot, but my space will a little crowded by someone that should have known better. Must be that it’s spring break, I’m feeling kind of chilled, the crowding didn’t bother me (quite so much) and the person ‘that likes to be directly front and center and blocking the view of the instructor’ also didn’t bother me quite so much.  But yes I did arrive at 6:50 and I did claim my regular spot on the floor … and yes, I admit, I am one of those creatures of habit.


Day 25 – so for today, this is all I got!

Day 25

So for today, this is all I got! If there’s a day where I don’t feel like doing this, it’s today.  I can’t think of anything to write about and I don’t feel like sitting here thinking about something to write about.  And if I try to come up with some small moment, slice of life, from yesterday, I know I’ll be sitting here for a way too long amount of time because right now I’m just not feeling it.  I could come back to it later but then I might be repeating what a favorite coworker of mine did a day or two ago, forget to do it! … and if I do that, I won’t have the luxury of writing such a clever comeback because that’s what she did and now those witty words of hers are in my, ‘too old, forgetful head,’ or something to that effect as this coworker so eloquently included in her yesterday’s post.  Currently my mind is racing with thoughts about what I want to accomplish today and it’s not this. Well that’s a lie because, yes I do want to get something posted, it’s just that I don’t want to spend any time at all doing it today. So I guess one of my many missions for today will be to come up with something fantastic to blog about tomorrow to make up for my mindless, dumb post for today. So for today, this is all I got!

Day 24 – Weirdly Obsessed

Day 24 … Weirdly Obsessed

Weirdly Obsessed … Who would think, an elementary school friend that I don’t see too often asked me to see Bohemian Rhapsody.  Because I really wanted to see my friend, I went along with the movie invite. I’m not a big movie person, typically about 45 mins into a movie I look at my phone to see what time it is, tell myself to relax and enjoy because there’s usually at least another hour to go.  I get restless, bored, don’t like sitting that long, … and then Bohemian Rhapsody. The movie began and I was transformed. I forgot where I was, who I was sitting next to, was pulled into the movie, I laughed, I cried, I sat in awe during the Live Aid performance, and then the movie ended and I felt exhausted, exhilarated, filled with joy and sadness, became an instant fan to a band that I should have been an instant fan of years ago.  And after seeing this transforming movie, I went back two more times, and each time it was just as moving, if not more. And it’s amazing, I’ll be in a store, and I’ll stop, frozen, when Queen is playing in the background, when driving, Queen comes on the radio, it instantly takes me to another place. It’s all so weird, never have I felt so connected to a band, to its music and to its story. And as I sit here typing this, Queen is playing in the background on my laptop, and I am smiling, I guess you might say I’m weirdly obsessed.

Day 23 – spell check, good or bad?

Day 23 … Spell Check, good or bad? … should have learned my lesson by now, should have learned this lesson a long time ago as is true for most of society.  I write these blogs and always do a quick spell/grammar check. I write emails and always do a quick spell/grammar check. For some reason, texts are in their own category.  They’re quick, they’re on the spot, they’re in the moment so I guess to do a quick read would make them not so instant and spontaneous, I don’t know for sure? Well yesterday, my teaching partner and I were sending some quick tests pertaining to scheduling of spring pictures.  We had signed up for an afternoon spot but a volunteer came into my room asking (pressuring) my class to go now (we were finishing a test). I sent the volunteer to my teammates room hoping he would say no, which he did, because they also were taking a test. None of this matters for my slice of life except the texts to follow.  My teaching partner texted to apologize, thinking perhaps I wanted to get the pictures done early and not knowing how I responded to the pic volunteer. In my text back, I wrote, “ … bc I didn’t want pics now either. She was g string pusy with me and saying how pic people are going to have to wait around an extra hour …” The reply back, “G string pushy, huh? Wonder how that got into your auto-correct”  WHAT??? I had time to read his reply but didn’t have enough time to read the text I sent to him. Funny thing! And funny all right G String!!! Lesson learned? Probably not!!! I could disable spell check, but why, would I then begin to read my texts before sending … probably not! Spell check, good or bad?

Day 22- “Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds”

Day 22 – “Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds,” as so profoundly spoken in Bohemian Rhapsody (fav movie ever), have stuck in my mind along with the many tunes and lyrics from an amazing movie.  And on this Friday morning, the day before spring break, and continued with my every Friday morning ritual, Panera on 75th. There is a reason I like this particular Panera … and this morning, it was an ‘extra’oradinary visit.  I was greeted by the young woman that always greets me by name and always asks how I’m doing and what my plans for the weekend are and I genuinely respond back with questions about her weekend … I can feel the many good thoughts this young woman projects in my direction.  Then there was the older woman at the sugar and creamer station who was putting the finishing touches on her hot beverage. She hands me a sleeve to put on my to go cup. I hadn’t reached for one or gestured or anything, just a good deed for the sake of being kind. And finally, as I was leaving, a woman was entering, and she held the door so that I could exit first, and she told me to have a great Friday; what good words from a complete stranger.  This morning, I relived a line from my favorite movie, a line that holds a lot of power, a line that can change the course of one’s day, and this morning, that ‘one’ that I am referring to is me … “Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds.”

Day 21 – there’s a new kid in town

There’s a new kid in town … I’ve never been a big fan of apples but ask anyone that I work with and they probably would think otherwise since I bring a sliced apple with me just about every day with some peanut butter for dipping, and that’s what I call breakfast.  I think the peanut butter has taught me how to better enjoy the king of all fruits, the apple. My apple journey began with the Gala apple. It’s sweeter than many and has a decent crunch to it, that is, until late fall and suddenly the crunch in the gala turns to a sad, mealy texture.  That’s when I had to step out of my comfort zone and find an alternative, and I went with the voices of friends who raved about Pink Ladies. Can’t say I love them, but I do like them, just a little too tart for my liking. For me, their redeeming quality is the crunch, they’re crisp and a little juicy.  With the addition of some peanut butter I have come to be a fan of the Pink Lady. But then, over the weekend, I was at Trader Joe’s, and decided to step outside of my my usual shopping habit. I eyed a bag of Jazz apples, and the description on the small sign convinced me to give them a try. Best decision!  These apples, hands down, are the best tasting apples I have ever had. They have just the right amount of sweetness and the crunch, it’s like no other. It is a pure joy and huge treat eating these apples. For my liking, these apples reign far above the rest. Sorry Gala and Pink Lady, time to move over, there’s a new kid in town.

Day 20 – some things are best just left alone

Some things are best just left alone … I’m being honest, trying to think of a slice of my day from yesterday, I could write on and on about some behavior issues that never seem to go away, that drag me down on certain days – yesterday to be precise, and try to bring other students down with them, but I’m tired of thinking about it, talking about it … so what to write about.  Last night I got together with a friend for dinner at a newer spot in a nearby town. It was a fun time. It’s always great conversations with my friend, which is something else I suppose I could write about but instead I’m choosing fried garbanzo beans. Perusing the menu last night, I chose a salad that sounded absolutely delicious. It arrived with perfectly grilled, succulent shrimp sitting on a bed of fresh, crisp arugula.  I LOVE arugula. There were grape tomatoes, red onions, feta cheese and some slivers of roasted red bell pepper. The dressing was light and slightly lemony, perfect match to the salad ingredients. And then, there were fried garbanzo beans. Yes, you read that correctly, fried garbanzo beans. When I ordered the salad, they sounded like an interesting complement to a plate full of veggies and shrimp. The salad looked like it had been styled for the cover of Bon Appetit, everything was thoughtfully arranged and looked absolutely mouth watering (unless you’re a full fledged carnivore) … until … the fried garbanzo beans.  I’ll admit, I was kind of excited to try something new, eager to pop a few in my mouth. Not what I expected … sadly, the firm but fleshy texture of the garbanzo had vanished, and basically it felt like a crisp, greasy ball of nothing.  It tasted like a crisp, greasy ball of nothing but grease and it looked like a brown, crisp, greasy ball of nothing but grease.  So, lesson to share, should you have the opportunity to try fried garbanzo beans, either politely ask for just one, or even more politely, just take a pass, because truly there is no sense in frying something mother nature has packaged so perfectly … some things are best just left alone.