Day 31 – Good Vibes Only

I think this is my 4th year of participating in SOL.  By far, this year has been the hardest.  I challenged myself not to be snarky or sarcastic but instead look for the positive and upbeat which is why I named my daily slices ‘Good Vibes Only.’  To say it was difficult is an understatement.  It’s not as much fun writing only about a good moment from the day.  My writing most days seemed boring and flat, and I was challenged to find ways to add humor to the good, which most days I failed greatly.

On the bright side, 31 days of looking for the positive is not a bad thing.  Hopefully I can add this to my daily routine, that is, looking for the good but not having to force myself to write about it. Next year, should I participate, you never know what it will bring, but for this year, perhaps in mind and spirit I will continue to keep an eye out for those good vibes, but for slicing, I’m signing out, goodbye Good Vibes Only.

Day 30 – Good Vibes Only

It’s always a treat getting together with lifelong friends, lots to talk about, laugh about, cry about…  But this morning was extra special.  My friend is now a grandmother of twins, a boy and a girl.  It was beyond wonderful, seeing the joy these babies have brought to my friend.  The past ten years of her life have been rather difficult, and to see her in a place like this now, warms my heart beyond words.  We always wish the best for our friends and when you finally get to see some good things coming their way, that makes for a very good, feel good moment.

And the babies, absolutely adorable!  Their smiles and giggles and need to explore.  Wanting hugs and holds from a complete stranger and responding with a smile or a tug of my necklace was priceless.  My heart is full today, actually overflowing with good vibes for all of the love and joy that is filling every corner of my friend’s house and heart.  It’s good, very good, to see good things coming to those we deeply care about.

Day 29 – Good Vibes Only

Getting up early; it’s so nice to get up early by choice rather than having to get up early because the alarm goes off.  

Running errands; It can be fun running errands when that’s what I feel like doing rather than having to run them after work because it’s the only free time available.

Baking; baking is a joy when I have all the time in the world and it sounds fun rather than finding time on a weekend and cramming it in.

Cleaning; amazingly even this chore can be ok when it happens on my time rather than having to do it on a Saturday morning when there’s a million other things I would rather be doing.

Shopping; it’s so much more fun when I can shop when I am in the mood rather than forcing it to happen and usually coming home empty handed.

Writing; I much prefer participating in the Slice of Life when I can leisurely write when it feels right rather than cramming it in before school when I know I should be prepping for the day.

Thank you Spring Break for making the dullest and most dreaded of life’s responsibilities a little sweeter and pleasure to the activities in life that were made to be enjoyed. 

Day 28 – Good Vibes Only

I would not call myself a fashionista but from a very basic sense of fashion I would like to think I can recognize what looks nice and what doesn’t.  I was watching some of the Oscars last night and, like every year, the variety of fashion that walks the red carpet is beyond interesting.

I get it, each celeb wants to stand out, be edgy, be memorable and be seen.  Some were beyond elegant, donned in form flattering gowns, adorned in colors that complemented their hair and skin tones.  Then, there were the celebs where I just wanted to grab them and remind them that the whole world’s watching, what were you thinking? Some looked like a wardrobe malfunction in the waiting, and others adorned cleavage defying displays that were really hard to watch.  And who are some of these designers, like really, that’s style and fashion at its best?  

I know, watching the celebs walk the red carpet is half (actually most) of the fun!  And if they all had that perfectly glam look, how fun would it really be?  I mean after a while, might it actually become a bit boring if there’s not that out of nowhere, upside down, inside out, not made for tv viewing demi gown that is more shocking than the previous years?  I admit, I was not disappointed, plenty of fashion to admire, to talk about, to giggle about and perhaps even blog about.

Day 27 – Good Vibes Only

Yesterday I was meeting a friend at a casual place in Chicago for late breakfast/early lunch.  I hadn’t seen this friend in a while and was really excited to get together.  I was almost perfectly on time, 11:33, for me this is good, very good!  I went in, ordered a hot latte and grabbed a table.  I waited a few minutes, enjoyed a few sips of my drink and knew she would be arriving any minute now.  A few more minutes went by, and I waited, imagining myself driving frantically around the block trying to find a place to park, as another 5, then 10 minutes went by.

I sent her a short text, letting her know that I was sitting upstairs, so she would see me when she walked inside.  Nothing, no response, probably because she was frustrated by not finding a place to park her car.  Hmmm, 11:50, do I call her?  Do I wait patiently?  Did she forget?  Did I have the wrong day?  

Perhaps I should check the text messages from a few days ago when we made the plans.  No, I couldn’t have, or could I?  Notoriously, when I text numbers, my finger taps the 2, if I’m trying to text 1, or 25 might text as 35.  Makes no sense right?  And there’s my text, 12:30, that should have been 11:30.  I’ve told myself a million times to check my texts, but of course I never do; who does?  Well maybe, just maybe, I’ve learned my lesson, or not?

Day 26 – Good Vibes Only

Last night was sweet!  It was that Friday night after the last day of school that marked the beginning of Spring break.  I’m always ready for it but this year, more so than ever.  I kind of felt like I was trudging through mud all week. I imagined doing the army crawl the last few yards of a marathon, stretching my arm out as far as it would go, just to get my fingertips across the finish line.  

I don’t know if I came off of winter break extra pumped up and ready to go, burning extra fuel to be at the peak of my game, energetic, fun, full of energy, making lessons exciting and engaging, only to burn out a week shy of this end of March refueling station?  What I do know is spring break is here, and it is time to re-energize, recharge, refuel, relax and reset so that when that Monday morning comes along, it will carry with it a sweetness of the same intensity as my last night, Friday night.

Day 25 – Good Vibes Only

So I discovered a new toy, thanks to a conversation between a coworker and I.  We were laughing the other day about how funny it would be if the voice activation system in the car would respond to random questions beyond the normal command to make a call or create a text.  Could it respond, would the comebacks make sense, could there be sarcasm?

On my drive home yesterday afternoon I decided to give it a shot.  “How are you?” I asked the voice, and she responded, “Doing well, thank you.”  I tried a few more, and again got responses to my rather ordinary questions.  A little later my son was in the car with me.  He laughed and wondered what ‘the voice’ would say if it were called an idiot.  So, I called the voice an idiot and she replied, “That’s not very nice!”  Feeling a little uncomfortable and actually embarrassed that I gave in to my son’s immature suggestion, I said, “I’m sorry.”  The voice came back and told me there was no need to apologize!  I’m not sure now if I should be laughing or crying or feeling a little creeped out.  Do I stop here, probably not.  It’s pretty hard to resist this temptation, and to think my temptation is conversations with my car!

Day 24 – Good Vibes Only

Indulgences, we all have some.  So what are mine, or at least some of them?  For one, Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered mints.  The center is soft and minty, the outside, a nice layer of dark chocolate. This is my go to, after dinner, sweet little treat, and the best part is, one, yes just one, truly does the trick.  And please don’t look in my desk drawer, I was given a bag of TJ’s dark chocolate covered pretzels back in February.  I have not finished off the bag, but I could have!  Every day at lunch minus 2, they’re not gone yet, but will be soon.

But my true indulgence lies more on the salty side, a handful (very generous!) of Jay’s potato chips that are a must have in my lunch.  I know, it probably defeats the purpose of bringing a salad and fruit every day, but I can’t resist, who can live on salad and fruit alone?  And it can’t be Lays or Utz, it has to be Jays!

Weekends, there has to be pizza at some point, and maybe once a month, an appetizer of fried calamari.  And then there’s the Mexican restaurant nearby with the killer salsa that I buy by the quart which then means I need tortilla chips, lots of tortilla chips! And the weekend morning at a coffee shop with a latte and some delicious treat to complement it.  And I know there’s plenty more. What are some of your indulgences?

Day 23 – Good Vibes Only

Is it just me, or is this year flying by?  It’s crazy that it’s already day 23 of Slice of Life!  Truly, the first and second days of slicing seem like maybe a week ago. And even more crazy, Valentines Day was over a month ago and it seems like that first day back to school after winter break would be eons away from spring break, and now spring break has practically arrived!

It is said that the older one gets, the faster time flies.  This saying is starting to scare me because the way this year feels I should be nearing 100!  I can’t figure out what it is. Perhaps I need to pause more often and savor the moments?  Maybe I’m in such a routine that time just passes, kind of like landmarks along a highway on a familiar drive that seems to get shorter each time.  Maybe the fantasy fiction reading unit has gotten the best of me and I’m living in a weird, time-devouring world.  Whatever it is, will it ever slow down?

Or, could it be that I’m just enjoying the ride?  As the other saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun!  Yes, that’s the phrase I’m going to go with, it works for me, thank goodness I’m not getting older, I’m just having fun!

Day 22 – Good Vibes Only

Certain sounds I find soothing and welcoming, especially on nights when I lie awake in the middle of the night.  In the late summer, it’s the sound of crickets rhythmically chirping, some high notes, some low notes, creating a symphony of nature that can lull me to sleep.

The sound of waves, when I’m near an ocean.  It’s been a while, but when I have been, I keep a window open, inviting the sounds of the sometimes gentle waves, other times fierce ones, over and over again competing for their spot on the beach, as its force diminishes and is pulled back into the sea.  There are times I don’t want to fall asleep because I know it’s only a matter of days, and this peaceful rhythm will be 1,000 miles away.

But when the seasons are not right for the crickets and I’m distanced from the ocean, there is another soothing sound, the hum of a distant train.  Perhaps it’s because it’s the same sound that would rock me to sleep when I was a child, it is calming, it brings me comfort, it allows my mind to drift off to quiet and peaceful places.  It’s reassuring to know that in the middle of the night, if I just pause to listen, my mind can be put to rest.