Day 1 – First Post

And here I am, Day 1 all over again.  It really doesn’t feel like 12 months since I last participated in the Slice of Life, although to be precise I guess it really was only 11 months considering it ended on March 31, not that that makes me feel any better.  I remember thinking, how will I ever make it to the end of March, when is it going to end, 31 days is a long time and yet, here I am doing it all over again. So why am I doing it for a second time? Could it be the challenge of doing it not just one time but twice?  Or was there some small part of me that maybe really enjoyed pushing myself to put some words on my computer screen and put myself in the shoes of my students when they cry out, “I don’t know what to write about,”and then I respond, “Just write about anything you want!” as I stand there perplexed wondering how they could have nothing to write about when they can write about anything?  Hmmm, sounds kind of familiar. And so here it goes, again, what to write about, the whole world is at my fingertips but I repeat, I don’t know what to write about, and this is just Day 1.

4 thoughts on “Day 1 – First Post

  1. I’ve heard marathon runners say that the last 3 miles are the absolute worst because you want nothing more than to be done. Did you feel this your first time around or did you end up enjoying it by the end?


  2. This is what is so neat about this challenge, it helps us grow as teachers, too. It allows us to be in our student’s shoes at times just as you said when students have no idea what to write about when given free choice. It is difficult to write for so many. Congrats on embracing this challenge for a second year.

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