Day 12 – hourglass

Hourglass … Have you ever noticed that when an event is far down the road, it seems like it takes forever to get here?  Yet, as that special day that you’ve obsessively had your eye on, gets closer, it suddenly arrives so quickly, almost as if you blink for a second, not only is it here, but then it’s gone.  And this phenomenon that I am describing, seems to be descending upon Spring Break. Winter break ends and it’s early January. It’s cold, there’s snow, the sky is gray and the end of March seems so far down the road that there’s barely a glimpse of it to be caught, similar to an hourglass when you first turn it over and the top half is loaded with sand, and although the sand runs through it at the same pace, it barely seems to make a dent.  Then we move into February. If you look hard, into the horizon, you might see a few flash forwards of spring break to come. You count weeks on the calendar and think, it’s not really too, too far away. And the hourglass, there’s still a lot of sand in the top part but it’s getting closer to evening out with what has fallen to the bottom, but it’s nowhere near empty, yet. Here we are in March … after all those snow days that seem like years ago now, and the thousand days without sun, or so it seemed, and this morning, and yesterday and maybe even the day before, our dear old friend started illuminating the morning sky and the hourglass, that slothful hourglass, no longer looks like a glass half full, but instead a glass that is more than half empty (one of the few times a glass half empty is a very good thing) and now, even if I wanted the sand to stop falling, I couldn’t make that happen. It’s falling, tumbling down, sailing thru the glass so quickly that there’s no stopping it … don’t blink, for if you do, you might miss those last few trickles of sand that fall at light speed, and indicate spring break is here, or so says the hourglass.

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