Day 18 … it could be worse

It could be worse … as I sat patiently at a busy intersection this morning waiting for the green turn arrow that I arrived just seconds late for, my focus set on the flashing red lights ahead on the other side of the highway.  I was thinking to myself how some people are now having a very bad day; whoever these people are that were part of the emergency scene, one second you’re listening to the radio, innocently driving to work, the next, you’re surrounded by emergency vehicles.  The light changed, the cross traffic got their due and then it I was ready to step on the gas, but to my dismay, no green turn arrow, only from the other direction, because one of the departing ambulances triggered the lights in such a way that it voided the green turn arrow for those on my side of the highway.  I watched an impatient pick-up truck driver lurch forward a bit, looking anxious, then seconds before the light changed to red, he did the dreaded, he blew through the red turn arrow, obviously ignoring the loud car horns coming from the head on traffic that had to slow down to allow his impatience to have the right of way.  And again, the crossbound traffic had their minute or two, again, ready to accelerate and again, no green turn arrow. This time, a fire truck, also departing the scene, caused the lights to again to not give me and many others the green arrow to turn. This time, I watched the woman in the car next to me look irritated, confused, slightly angry, but thank goodness she did not follow the actions of the pick up truck that had been in front of her, she waited.  I kept thinking to myself, it could be worse, it could be way worse than waiting a few extra minutes for a green arrow, as I watched the flashing red lights in the distance I kept repeating to myself it could be worse.

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