Day 28 – No Thanks

Day 28 – No Thanks … I admit, I occasionally watch the reality show Naked and Afraid.  Two contestants, one man and one woman are sent to some remote place that has extremely challenging survival conditions.  Each can bring one survival tool. They have no food, water or clothing. If you have never seen the show you might think the food or water is the greatest challenge but it is the no clothing that truly is the toughest part of it all.  In hot climates, it’s a constant battle of sunburn and insects, and there is no protection from either, especially the insects. Sometimes at night, the temperatures drop quite low and the contestants struggle with staying warm. Last night I watched in amazement, the contestants, two veterans to the show, were given a 14 day ultimate challenge, they were dropped off in a far northern area of Alaska with a survival tool of choice plus a fire starter and one large animal skin with fur.  More than anything, I hate being cold. I never complain on the hot, humid summer days because to me it’s far better than the bone-chilling wintery weather. I watched in amazement as the contestants trudged barefoot thru snow, waded waist deep in a small lake to try and catch trout and huddled together under an animal skin at night as they shivered and shrieked because of the frigidness of the night air. They did it, they survived this ultimate challenge, I’m not sure how. Hopefully each goes home without any damage to their skin or body from this extremely cold environment.  If someone were to give me the ultimate torture, this would be it. I could not withstand one hour of being freezing cold without protection from the elements, let alone 14 DAYS!!! … No Thanks!

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