Day 29 – Thank You

Day 29 – Thank You … spring, for bringing sunshine and warm weather yesterday.  Even if for a day, I got to put away my winter coat and left my gloves behind and reveled in the warmth as the sun hit my face and the wind carried a warm, soft breeze that was a huge welcome from the winds of the past that carried the cold, frigid air. My dog and I walked for at least an hour and he still wanted more and so did I.  Yesterday was the best treat yet that spring break had to deliver.

And the sun is shining this morning and I am hopeful that today will offer up the kind of treat that yesterday did.  It’s amazing what some sunshine and a warm breeze can do. It brings smiles, happy thoughts, and the knowledge that the cold and gray is truly on its way out.  This leaves me with two final words … Thank You.

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