Day 30 – Unwelcome guest

Day 30 – Unwelcome guest … I figured by now they’d get the hint, time to go, bye bye, you’ve been hanging out here long enough, but NOoooo, not even an inkling of, “I’ve overstayed my limit.”  Nope, instead, these boarders just continue to hang around, and literally, I mean that. I glance up at the white crown moulding that’s interrupted by a very dark small, but yet large, shield shaped object.  This house guest that just doesn’t seem to want to leave, better known as the stink bug either keeps coming back for more or continues to invite family and friends to come for a visit. For a while, a very long while, I would scoop them up in a kleenex and throw them outside.  I know, I sound like a tree hugging bug saver but actually, I got a slight smile when I would send them off into the cold because why would they hang around here if they liked the cold? Sometimes, when they actually realize they have wings, and they kind of know how to use them, I’ll catch one buzzing around slow and low, almost at eye level, kind of like a drone (a slow one) on a mission.  And that mission, to land on my shoulder or in my hair. Thank goodness they don’t have eight legs because then I would be out in the snow or rain and score one for them. But since they are just a harmless stink bug, and even the stink part is way over exaggerated by its name, no fear here, scoop them up and throw them outside. Done! Until the next one appears, but please … no more … go home … and no, this is not your home … do you hear me? … at this point you are merely a very … unwelcome guest.

4 thoughts on “Day 30 – Unwelcome guest

  1. Yuck, yuck, yuck! At least(?) it was up high! I found one IN MY CABINET, in between two bowls. STILL ALIVE! I about dropped the two bowls I was bringing out for salad. Thankfully, haven´t seen any more.

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  2. Great slice! Was wondering who the unwelcomed guest would be! I hate stink bugs! I always scoop them up with the closest thing to me (paper, envelope, tissue) and throw them back outside where they belong too!

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