Day 31 – So long

Day 31 – So long … there were days where this slicing felt so long.  I remember day 1, and it seemed like 31 days was going to be forever.  The mornings or afternoons where I struggled finding something to write about and my fingers sat on my keyboard lightly tapping the letters as if I were typing but it was more of my fingers just moving and tapping to make a light sound until I could think of something to put on the screen.  But as long as it seemed, it wasn’t nearly as long as that 28 day month of February where I had no slicing to do. In fact, March flew by! A few days ago it was just March 1st and now I’m standing on the edge looking into April. And just like that, this ritual or routine that at first seemed so daunting and impossible, worked its way into my life and became a routine that wasn’t so dreadful anymore, instead was a part of my day.  My visitor and I were developing a mutual comfort, it began to feel welcome and I allowed it to hang around and even use my computer. But now, it is time to say goodbye and part ways. Here I sit at my keyboard on March 31st at 6:49 a.m. and the time has come for me to gently open the door and wave … until next year … so long.

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