Day 1 – Time to Get Started!

It’s Day 1 of the Slice of Life Challenge and it’s time to get started! And that’s exactly how this day feels! It’s easy to wake up when it’s lighter out in the morning. It’s also easier to want to get the day started when it’s actually sunny, rather than the typical, heavy gray, Feb/March, cloudy days. And … when the forecast is predicting 50 degrees, yes, you heard that correctly, 50 DEGREES on March 1st why wouldn’t I be eager to get the day started? So instead of doing my usual, counting down in my head, “This is Day 1, come on, I can do this, just 30 days to go after today,” I’m taking this challenge on full force and it’s Day 1 of the start of many get light earlier, sun instead of gray clouds, and the beginning of 31 amazing days, each filled with a small moment that’s getting me one day closer to the April 1st milestone that represents tulips, warm sunshine, opening day, summer break on the horizon, and … the sweet feeling of, I did it, I completed another 31 day Slice of Life Challenge!”

6 thoughts on “Day 1 – Time to Get Started!

  1. Warmer weather does seem to have a motivating effect on us, and while I too love the warmer weather, I can’t help but think about what it means for our climate.

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  2. I love the longer hours of daylight with the promise that Spring is in the horizon. Next weekend we will turn the clocks ahead an hour. I’m looking forward to evening twilight.

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  3. I’m noticing early signs of spring, too. Bulbs pushing through the mulch, birds singing in the morning. This month will go fast and spring will be in full swing by April 1st. 30 more days…we can do it!

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