Day 12 – Expecting the Unexpected

Expecting the unexpected is exactly how I’m feeling right now. And to make it clear, I am not an alarmist! I am not one to follow the latest trends or jump on a band wagon, I am more of a skeptic and one to maybe even laugh a little when society jumps on board the latest announcement, prediction or possible cause for concern because an asteroid that is millions of miles away has a 1 in a million chance of having a brush with our Earth. But last night and this morning I’m feeling differently. For days, actually weeks or months I have been thinking how ridiculous this Covid-19 virus, then epidemic and now pandemic is. Newscasters and politicians, then sportscasters and universities, and now places of employment and school districts are sending out memos of precaution and putting plans in place, just in case … yes, it’s the just in case!

I’m getting off track for a second. I hate haunted houses and scary movies because the sensation of someone jumping out at me without first warning, or even something as simple as anticipating the fire alarm for a fire drill causes me to want to cover my ears just like my students might do. I can’t tolerate the unexpected. It’s something in my head, I have a no-tolerance level for fright, for something lurking behind me, for something big jumping out at me, for a loud unexpected noise coming out of nowhere, the unexpected cuts deep inside of me and gives me a sensation so unpleasant that I try my hardest to stay away from anything that might catch me off guard in an unexpected and frightful way.

So back to Covid-19, it’s starting to send out some quiet warnings, kind of like something might be lurking behind me. At any moment will I get the email that school is being shut down, that shelves of toilet paper at Jewel are empty because something is lurking out there but I can’t see it. Will I be tapped on the shoulder unexpectedly and find myself coughing and feeling miserable for a few days or a week? Right now, media sources from every direction is sending out warnings and I don’t want to listen to them but I am getting the signal, take precautions, be aware, look behind my shoulder and most of all, be ready, … Be ready to Expect the Unexpected.

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