Day 19 – Business as usual

Business as usual outside my window, it’s kind of funny. It amazes me, the human species, we are frozen in our tracks, social distancing, working from home, favorite venues – closed, yet outside my window life goes on as usual. The rabbits, their patterns haven’t changed, and the squirrels, no one has given them the memo to stop, don’t move, go back to your leafy shelter for two more months. I heard birds this morning, lots of them, I think they were talking about me and my family, kind of laughing, kind of chattering, that the ones who thought they owned the world, could drive them out of their habitats, create borders and barriers and clear out swaths of earth to create new monstrosities, have finally been caged. We have been reduced to car rides to nowhere but the grocery store, walks that take us around the block and lots of time sitting in front of an electronic device that pretends to satisfy our needs for social interactions. Yet outside my window, the squirrels congregate, and so do the skunks, just late at night, no lockdowns, no curfews, and the birds, domestic or international, where shall we fly today … where shall I fly today? For many, outside my window, life has not changed, just business as usual.

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