Day 24 – A different vibe

There’s a different vibe, especially at night, around my house now. What used to be the normal pattern, my husband and 22 year old son, this time of year for sure, huddled around the tv in the family room, watching sports, basketball in particular, until a commercial break, then with the click, onto another sporting event so as not to miss a moment of action or a single second of game time, then click, back to the previous channel. Me, I would quietly, without announcement, head back to the bedroom, because even if I did announce that I was going to watch tv elsewhere, would barely garner notice because of some foul being committed or some amazing 3-point shot that was apparently even more spectacular than the one that happened two minutes earlier.

But now, last night, the three of us, sitting together in the family, carrying on some conversation all the while comparing thoughts on the amazing talents displayed on American Idol. Each of us impressed by these young talents, some country, some pop, some with individuality so unique that quite possibly they’re defining the next generation of vocal style in the music industry. And the stories behind these bright talents, some with backgrounds so sad or incredible, that we all wanted to scream, “Keep them, don’t let them go!” to the judges, that I have to say have very, very tough decisions to make. And when it was done, I think we all realized how fun it was, a new way of viewing, in the family room, three of us, not just two, tv clicker lying idol, fresh conversations, new type of excitement … certainly it was, a different vibe.

3 thoughts on “Day 24 – A different vibe

  1. Our new vibe is my husband and the boys helping with the laundry. Typically, they let it pile up and pile up, but the new vibe is let’s get it folded and to our rooms. They told me last night I really needed to get my clothes put away! Yes, sir! These are some benefits of not running to practices or having later work sessions and actually all being home at the same time. It does cause us to reflect on our routines.

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