Day 25 – Coffee or Tea?

Coffee or Tea, this is the question. Never having been a coffee person, a few years ago I got curious about lattes and tried an iced one, I loved it! Makes no sense, right, since I do not like coffee, yet a latte is technically coffee. The latte I like is made with skim milk, no flavoring but a sprinkle of cinnamon and every once in a while a few crystals of the naturally brown sugar. Cold or hot, I like them either way. This newly acquired taste became quite a habit, almost daily. Couldn’t wait to start my day with one. Starbucks, Panera, Dunkin Donuts, most any of these could satisfy my craving.

This year I decided to turn it back into the treat it should be and I made myself a deal, only three times a week. I stuck to this deal pretty well but yes, sometimes I’d cheat on the weekends. Then, in early February I caught something, we’ll call it a virus but with some strangely familiar symptoms. Nonetheless, after I finally began to feel better, my tastes changed and for a few weeks even the thought of a latte repulsed me. I turned to an old friend, Bigelow Lemon Lift tea and ever since then a new love story has blossomed.

I can’t wait to turn on the tea kettle and begin my day with my new best friend. And the beauty of tea, it’s the gift that just keeps giving. My cup gets cold or empty and simply I add more hot water and it’s the friend that can never overstay their stay. For now the question is pretty easy to answer, coffee or tea?

5 thoughts on “Day 25 – Coffee or Tea?

  1. I drink two cups of coffee first thing in the morning then it is tea the rest of the day. These days, I make a pot of tea after finishing the coffee, set it on a warmer, and drink cup after cup of tea until dinner. My Starbucks drink of choice: a chai latte.Enjoy your tea today.

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  2. I love how you compare tea to the “friend that can never overstay their stay” because you can just add more hot water. Such a great line that is nestled quietly in, but has such a great impact.

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