Day 26 – Fitter and Fatter

Fitter and Fatter, that’s what came to mind yesterday as my husband and I took a long walk to embrace the sunshine and the balminess of 55 degrees. Social distancing proved to be almost obstacle course like, people running and jogging and walking and leashes in tow. So many that, at times, it seemed more relaxing to walk on the street curb rather than the sidewalk in order to avoid the constant moving to the side to create a six foot distance between ourselves and the others out doing exactly the same thing. It was a beautiful sight, people moving, exercising, getting some cardio, working muscles, getting steps, … so many getting fitter.

Fitter, yes, if this shelter down goes on for long enough, society will be fitter (more fit, in better shape).

Fatter, good possibility, if this shelter down goes on for long enough, society will be fatter (excess weight gain, clothes feeling a bit snug).

So many getting fatter, … at school, I’m on my feet a lot, moving from student to student, walking from table to table during lunch duty, walking quickly from my classroom to the copy room way more times than I’d like to admit because each trip there I remember I forgot something. At home, my classroom is on my screen, my conversations with colleagues on my phone and no copies to make. I’m quite stationary for a good part of the day. My food at school is pretty finite, with the exception of the bag of dry roasted almonds in my desk. Here, food is definitely infinite, I’m hungry, I grab food and it might even be potato chips. And dinners now, we all have some time to cook and we are all enjoying the creativity that this at home time is allowing us, and yes, the food has been delicious!

At the end of this staying at home, sheltering down, social distancing to the max, what will become? Will we be fitter or will we be fatter or perhaps all will be both a bit fitter and fatter?

2 thoughts on “Day 26 – Fitter and Fatter

  1. Yep! The scale tells me I’m getting fatter! So, I decided I need to treat these days at home like school days. Tea, protein shake, small snack, lunch, small snack, dinner. Lots of water. Maybe a Diet Coke or Starbuck’s in a bottle. IF we go back, I won’t fit into anything! If we don’t, I will not be happy when I put on my swimsuit for that first dip in the pool!

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  2. You started my morning with a laugh! Thank you! I’m finding that with three of us in the house, together, all of the time, I can use some laughter from the outside! Hope all is going well for you with the teaching from home, have a great day!


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