Day 9 – maybe I should buy a lotto?

It’s funny the little games I play throughout the day; and most of the time I’m unaware I’m even playing them.  For instance, there’s some little word games that I find myself playing in my head, or maybe patterns that I keep an eye out for that I’m not even thinking about until I see one.  My morning drive to work, no different, it’s called the green light game!

So, I half noticed early on in my drive that I got a couple of stop lights green.  Unusual that I got both green but also unusual that I didn’t give it more thought. The next few lights, green, but not so unusual.  At this point though, my awareness had increased.  I kind of didn’t want to pay attention though (thought I might jinx my good luck) because shortly, two lights up the road ahead of me, was the light, one of three very long lights.  And in the distance it was red.  I kept telling myself it would be red when I got to the intersection too.  But as I got closer, the other set of lights turned yellow.  I still didn’t think my chances were great because the oncoming traffic always gets the long, very long green turn arrow.  For some crazy reason this morning, no long turn arrow and as I arrived at the intersection, barely slowing down, boom! Green!

OK, now I might actually win the green light competition!  Could I?  Still a couple more really long ones.  And I know from the past, if you get one green, the next one is green too, but if the first is red, I’m doomed.  As I approached, it was red, and again, the oncoming traffic had the turn arrow.  “Do I slow down and make it work for me or do I just put my chances of winning in the hands of fate?”  Well I didn’t slow down, the light turned green, as did the next … and I did it!  I won!  This rare victory maybe occurs twice during my school year commute!  This must be my day, hmmm, just wondering, maybe I should buy a lotto? 

3 thoughts on “Day 9 – maybe I should buy a lotto?

  1. I think you should buy a lotto!! I love your last line. It really made me smile. I was rooting for you the entire read. My husband alway calls it the “beat” when we hit all the green lights. Sounds like you got the beat 🙂

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