Day 22 – Yes, we’ve got this!

I knew it, we all knew it, the four weeks leading up to spring break would feel like a marathon, and it has.  Perhaps more like two back to back marathons!  But now we’re in the final stretch.  The final week before spring break, a break more needed than ever before!  The changes, the emails, the expectations, the changes to the changes … and four solid weeks for students with no shortened weeks.  I’m not sure if there have been four solid weeks since before winter break.

It’s been a long year for sure, but this stretch in March has seemed longer than any other four weeks in this entire school year.  The students have decided that they don’t need to do their work to learn.  I think they think that as long as we keep teaching, they will learn, even if a book is never opened, an ear is never listening and a pencil is never writing.  I wish my teachers had that kind of magic when I was in school!

I don’t have the heart to remind myself now, that when we return from break, there will still be eight weeks of school to go.  And those eight weeks will have zero days off.  And, the students will be back full time, five days each week!  Perhaps spring break is what we all need.  A time to relax, rejuvenate, and get excited about seeing all of the energy our little friends will bring with them when they return to regular (3’ – 6’ apart with masks on and eating lunch in the classroom kind of regular).  Eight weeks, with the knowledge of summer break waving to us in the distance.  Yes, we’ve got this!

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