Day 23 – enough with the iphone for one day!

Yesterday was an iPhone day for sure!  My morning started out in the ‘off’ position to begin with.  Not a productive morning, that was for sure.  Just some oddities that needed taking care of.  And I knew I had some lesson planning to do, but I just couldn’t get to it.  And then, I noticed my phone lighting up!  I keep it on silent and just give it an occasional glance.  Yesterday morning though, it suddenly looked like fireworks! I had only stepped out of my room for a few minutes at the most and it was blowing up with missed calls, texts, all before 7:30 a.m.

Text after text, “Do you have my phone?”  And I’m so confused because these crazy messages are coming from my son’s phone, so obviously he has his phone!  Perhaps my husband should have mentioned that he was using my son’s phone to track down his phone.  But still … why would I have his phone, because OBVIOUSLY I have my phone!  Too much for a Monday morning.  But I checked my bag, my purse, oooh, my purse, yes, in my purse, my husband’s phone!!!  That sinking feeling, yes, I grabbed his phone (so why does he set it near my phone anyway … meaning this IS his fault!)  

Quick flash to the ending, was able to come up with a meeting place, leave school and get back before the students arrived.  Other morning problems solved too!  Normal day, driving home, sitting at a red light, reach for my phone, check my purse, check my bag, oooh, my purse, no, not in my purse, that sinking feeling that I left it at school.  Oh well, enough with the iPhone for one day!  

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