Day 24 – shaking things up!

I am in a food rut!  Every day for breakfast and for lunch, it’s the same!  I have no one to blame but myself.  Truly, the only thing that might vary is I might throw in some blueberries with my cutie.  But many days I just grab the cutie because I’m in too much of a hurry or too lazy to grab a handful of blueberries and wash them, so solo cutie it is.  The rest of the food I pack, identical!  

The problem now is, I am in such a food rut that I can’t get out of it.  I can’t see beyond what I bring each day.  I make trips to the grocery store way too many times each week, so that’s not my excuse.  But, when at the store, I walk up and down the aisles and see absolutely nothing that tempts me and so I come home empty handed with foods that steer me out of my food place of boredom.

I know I need to really shake it up, but it’s beyond hard!  I admit, I could eat Jimmy John’s every day for lunch, but that’s not the habit I want to start, because as I know, it’s easy to get into a new rut, and Jimmy John’s truly could be my new go to.  I’m going to push myself over spring break to start something new for breakfast and lunch.  Will I be able to do it?  I don’t know … but sitting here now with the same old, I’m thinking, maybe the time has finally arrived to start shaking things up!

7 thoughts on “Day 24 – shaking things up!

  1. Thanks for sharing. Not for nothing, lots of geniuses and creatives live lives of routine. It frees their mind for bigger thinking when they don’t have to decide what to wear or what to eat.

    Maybe you’re just saving your cognitive power for more important topics.

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  2. I have been in that spot often. I find I have to sit down and actually plan out the meals and then go buy the stuff for those. If I do it for a few weeks I seem to be able to change things up a bit. Good Luck with the switch up!

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  3. When possible, take a trip to the local library. Spend some time looking through the cookbooks – especially cookbooks with pictures in them. That does it for me. When I do that, I always find inspiration for something new. Then, I write down the name of the dish and I look it up again online when I get home. This trick always gets me out of my “food rut.” Unfortunately, I don’t know when or if it is safe or allowable for you to visit your local library. In any event, this suggestion to you has always worked for me.

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  4. I felt like I was in a turkey sandwich rut a few weeks ago. On Sundays, I started making a variety of bean-based salads. I’m going to share a couple of them with you in case this helps you break out of your rut.
    Salads like this hold for a few days and make a delicious lunch.
    Speaking of lunch, I think I have to go with turkey today since I was under the weather this past weekend and never made one of my special bean salads.

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