Day 25 – “How Lucky,” thank you Johnny Prine

Music, just like the first rays of the sun, birds singing early on a spring morning, and warmer temps before dawn, brings me joy on my drive to school.  This morning, I changed the station at ‘a meant to be moment’. There was a brief pause and then the light strumming of a guitar and the voice of Kurt Vile. “How Lucky,” such a sweet sounding tune by Johnny Prine.  

Honestly, pre-covid, I had barely heard of Johnny Prine.  Sadly, he became one of the Covid statistics, which is around the time I discovered his amazing talents and creativity and instantly became a fan.  This morning, hearing this melody, the raspy voice of John, the folksy sound of Kurt, and a tune and lyrics I could listen to repeatedly, it brought me so much joy.  I sat in my car, in the parking lot, and listened to every last note before exiting.  

I’m sitting at my desk now, Googled the song and listened to it a few more times and now starting the day with a smile and feeling a little lighter.  I need to pay more attention to these small things that can be transforming.  This morning, I’m feeling “How Lucky,” (I am), thank you Johnny Prine.

6 thoughts on “Day 25 – “How Lucky,” thank you Johnny Prine

  1. I had to check out this song, and loved it from the first strum of the guitar. I’m inspired to write my own version, “How lucky can one girl get!” Thank you! hope you feel lucky all day long! 🙂

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