Day 26 – Today I am going to genuinely be present and be happy and be grateful …

A friend just received some unexpected news, needed to leave work early yesterday and today as well, will need to take the day off.  I was thinking about this, this morning, while driving to work.  Thinking how ready I am for spring break, thinking how I just need to make it through one more day.  Thinking how rough it’s going to be giving this ridiculously hard math test to kids that haven’t been in school enough days to be well enough prepared to take the test.

But then I think about my friend.  As much as we are all ready for some days off, I only want those days off when they’re planned or on the school calendar.  After thinking about my friend, I have nothing to complain about.  In fact, I’m happy and grateful to be here.  It’s funny how it takes another’s situation to wake oneself up and see the better side of things.

I’m sure my friend would much rather be at work today than dealing with unfortunate family member situations, having to make decisions on a loved one’s behalf and consumed with worry about the well being of those so close to one’s heart.  Yes, a day away always sounds amazing until we are gifted with that unexpected day off and then it sets one’s perspective in a new focus.  I’m sure there’s  no place more my friend would rather be right now than her job, way more than this day off, dealing with things with much greater pain and emotional ties.  Today, I am not going to be focused on 2:55.  Today I am going to genuinely be present and be happy and be grateful …

8 thoughts on “Day 26 – Today I am going to genuinely be present and be happy and be grateful …

  1. This reminder to be grateful is much needed and appreciated. Every time I start to get down about something, I try to remember that my “problems” are pretty small compared to the struggles that so many others are going through. I hope that today provides you with some opportunities to be happy and that you enjoy your Spring Break!

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