Day 27 – I think I’ll just celebrate my salmon victory!

It’s been proven, if one repeatedly tries a new food, one can acquire a taste for it.  Can this also be true for foods we don’t like?

So, a while back, I thought I would, once again, give salmon a try.  I have never been a salmon fan.  I have never cared for the taste, the texture, nor its pink color.  I have always preferred more of a mild, white and flaky type of fish.  But knowing that salmon is on practically every menu at every restaurant, available at basically all seafood counters,and packed with Omega 3s, I thought it was time to grow up and see if I could train myself to like it.  It began by piling a lot of sauces on it to camouflage it’s flavor (and color).  Then slowly, the sauces and condiments diminished. Last night, we picked up some salmon for the grill, and it was delicious!  I did it!  I conquered salmon!  So it works, at least sometimes, for foods we don’t like!

My next food challenge, I don’t think this will be nearly as easy … raisins.  I have hated raisins since I was a kid.  And I know they have slipped into my mouth many times, hidden in baked goods and other dark corners!  They have ruined muffins, cookies and even broccoli salad!  Ewww, just the thought of raisins and broccoli together, someone must have had a twisted state of mind to pair raisins with broccoli. I’m not so sure I can exhibit the bravery I did for salmon.  Perhaps I’m better off just sticking with their younger, plumper version, the grape!  Baby steps, for now, I think I’ll just celebrate my salmon victory!

4 thoughts on “Day 27 – I think I’ll just celebrate my salmon victory!

  1. YUM – and congrats! Haha. This is a big step – you’ve added something to your culinary possibilities forever now. And yeah, broccoli and raisins sounds gross to me too and I love both. You’ll be fine without raisins the rest of the way, I think. But if the salmon experiment taught us anything, it’s that maybe you can find a way to the world of raisins eventually. Exciting! Ha. Thanks for sharing and congrats again – salmon is pretty awesome.

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  2. Two things that you have woven in delightfully into this slice: the dreaded color pink of salmon (which had me chuckling) and vivid descriptions of how despicable raisins are. Great slice!

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  3. This made me smile reading your determination in salmon training. I hate coffee and mushrooms and often wonder if I should just keep trying it til I like it. But then I think…who cares if I don’t like it. Best of luck with raisins!

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