Day 28 – it’s crazy how quickly the time flew by.

It’s pretty crazy how quickly time flies by.  I’m thinking back to this time last year, the first weekend of Spring Break.  The pandemic was just settling in and no one had any idea what was to come in the future.  If I remember correctly, I think my school shut down completely for one week followed by the week off for break.  I know I was afraid to go anywhere.  When I would make a trip to the grocery store, I remember wearing a mask and gloves and practically holding my breath when I would pass someone in the aisle for fear of contracting the deadly virus.  

And then there was the thought of no end in sight.  Since the medical field was just starting to learn about covid, no one could really predict what the future would bring.  Sometimes on the weekend we would hop in the car and pick a direction and just drive, something to do besides hanging out in the house.  At first these mini road trips offered some sense of excitement.  After a few weekends of driving to really nowhere, this began to lose its luster.  The thing is, half the fun of a road trip is finding a cool place to grab food, a unique little shop or a scenic hiking place, and with the covid shutdown, there were not many gems to be discovered.

At the time, looking into the future, there was no end in sight to be seen.  Every morning, each night, all days looked and felt alike.  When would it end?  Yet, here I sit now, thinking about a year ago, and I really can’t believe it was a year ago.  As long and very slow as it all seemed, the one year mark has come and gone and there is a bright light in the future and actually there are times now where I need to put on my shades because the bright light is too much for my eyes.  Yes, it was a year ago, and for how very slow it seemed, it’s crazy how quickly the time flew by. 

4 thoughts on “Day 28 – it’s crazy how quickly the time flew by.

  1. I enjoyed reading your inner thinking about this year and the speed of time. I too find myself documenting what I remember and think during this covid time and wonder years from now what it will be like to reread these blog posts?

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