Day 31 – see ya in about 11 months!

Day 1, looking back, remembering the words in my head as I finished my first post for the 2021 SOL, “One down, thirty to go!”  Then visioning into the future, the long, yes, very long road ahead, or so it seemed at that moment.  Will I make it 31 days?  Will I have enough to write about? 30 more days seemed quite the challenge back on March 1.  

And then the morning ritual, more like my new routine, arrive at work, turn on my computers, get situated and then begin writing.  Some mornings the process went pretty quickly, and I would think to myself, “I got this!” Those thoughts then would jinx myself because the following morning, it would be the sheer nothingness in my head, and I would sit for long spans of time, when I could have been working on the day’s lessons.  Instead, I would continue to sit and think until a small moment would eventually make its way to my computer screen.  In all though, it was my routine, with latte at hand to complement the process.

Now, what to do? It’s almost as if a morning partner, that would stimulate my thinking, and sometimes my conversations, is bidding farewell.  I just got used to this routine, and just like that, it’s gone.  Funny how something that I initially looked at like a task, chore, extra work, became part of my morning, something that I made time for, something that could bring smiles, laughter, insight into others’ worlds.  Goodbye Day 1, … Goodbye Day 31, see ya in about 11 months!

4 thoughts on “Day 31 – see ya in about 11 months!

  1. I never know HOW I will fit in daily writing and am amazed that I do…it’s the routine…and the comments…see you next year, if not before!

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