Day 24 – Good Vibes Only

Indulgences, we all have some.  So what are mine, or at least some of them?  For one, Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered mints.  The center is soft and minty, the outside, a nice layer of dark chocolate. This is my go to, after dinner, sweet little treat, and the best part is, one, yes just one, truly does the trick.  And please don’t look in my desk drawer, I was given a bag of TJ’s dark chocolate covered pretzels back in February.  I have not finished off the bag, but I could have!  Every day at lunch minus 2, they’re not gone yet, but will be soon.

But my true indulgence lies more on the salty side, a handful (very generous!) of Jay’s potato chips that are a must have in my lunch.  I know, it probably defeats the purpose of bringing a salad and fruit every day, but I can’t resist, who can live on salad and fruit alone?  And it can’t be Lays or Utz, it has to be Jays!

Weekends, there has to be pizza at some point, and maybe once a month, an appetizer of fried calamari.  And then there’s the Mexican restaurant nearby with the killer salsa that I buy by the quart which then means I need tortilla chips, lots of tortilla chips! And the weekend morning at a coffee shop with a latte and some delicious treat to complement it.  And I know there’s plenty more. What are some of your indulgences?

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